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HARZLabs: new dental resins for high quality 3D printing straight from Russia.

After the success of their European launch at Formnext 2018, HARZLabs professional 3D printing resins are now available in Italy, on Lumi Industries, official distributor, online store.

Harzlabs Team at Formnext 2018

Harzlabs Team at Formnext 2018

HARZLabs is a name almost unknown in Europe, but in Russia it is a promising startup and one of the few manufacturers of materials for professional additive manufacturing.

Officially founded in 2017, after several years of research in the field of polymers (from 2013), it immediately achieved the "Best Startup of the Year 2017" award at the 3D Print Expo in Moscow.

HARZLabs products include nylon powders for 3D SLS printers, gypsum powder for CJP printers and resins for both industrial and desktop 3D printers, DLP/LCD and SLA.


Harzlabs professional dental resins

Lumi Industries is distributing in Italy HARZLabs professional dental 3D printing resins line, currently under certification, which includes:

- Dental Cast: a castable resin suitable for dental use that tends to melt instead of burning, with ash content below 0.1%, leaving smooth surfaces free from imperfections during metal casting.

- Dental Yellow Clear: a particularly heat resistant, biocompatible resin suitable for printing custom-made surgery guide models.

- Dental Clear: a biocompatible, low-viscosity resin, transparent and colorless, which does not turn yellow over time, suitable for aligners and kappa models

- Dental Sand A1-A2: High detail, resistant and bio-compatible 3D printing resin suitable for dental crowns and bridges. With a color corresponding to A1 code of the Vita color scale which turns into A2, extending the post-curing times under UV.

The competitive price is not the only advantage of these higly professional 3D printing resins. HARZLabs pays particular attention to operators’ healthcare and work environment protection using first quality raw materials, such as acrylates, that allow their resins to have a low rate of toxicity and to be practically odourless. This allow them to be used safely in naturally ventilated laboratories without the need for dedicated suction systems.

HARZLabs resins are available in convenient 1 or ½ kilo leak proof sealed bottles in Lumi Industries store.

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