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Lumi Service

Lumi Service

Thanks to its skills, machinery and network of reliable partners, Lumi Industries is able to offer different services that can help your ideas take shape or your business to grow.

Discover them now.

Open Innovation

You have an idea, we make it real!

Discover now our hardware, software design and development services, our marketing and crowdfunding consultancy, the project we made and our major customers!

3D Printing Service

You have a 3D file, We 3D print it for you!

Resin, filament or powder, we can 3D print in different materials internally or through our partner network. Discover what we can 3D print for you!

CNC Machining

You need to produce CNC metal or plastic components, We can help you!

Lumi Industries offers its network of partners to provide you a fast and low cost CNC machining service with different materials and finishes.


All information and documents we receive during the cooperation with our customers will be treated in a confidential manner.

customer care

We are customers too and we know how a customer wants to be treated. Our goal is the satisfaction of those who rely on us.


We only accept projects that we are sure to be able to complete with customer satisfaction, in maximum transparency.