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Future Projects

Future Projects

Future and futuristic projects

Lumi Industries Team is always active in creating new ideas inspired by the needs we see emerging in the world around us.

In this section we present totally new innovative ideas we are working at as parallel projects and for which we are looking for partners who may be interested in supporting our research and development work, so that these projects will soon become reality.



Volumetric Visualization Device is a patent pending solution, that allows a real three-dimensional visualization of 3D surfaces. Loading an Stl file, it is possible to watch it in 3 dimensions as if it was an hologram. It can be used in fields like: Medical/Dental, Engineering/Product Design, Educational, Museums, Marketing…

Soll-E Open.jpg


Soll-E is an autonomous robotic device, meant to use concentrated sunlight for 3D sintering sand material for the creation of construction parts like bricks, pipe components or other, for structures building in emergency areas, developing countries or new frontiers like the Moon or Mars.



Lumi Sweet is a project for the creation of a laser sintering 3D printer working with icing sugar and dedicated to the Food Industry. Lumi sweet allows to create unusual geometries that cannot be produced in any other way, with any other technology. The Pastry Chef’s fantasy becomes the only limit!