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Additive manufacturing processes, or 3D printing, refer to various methods used to produce a three-dimensional object from scratch by adding material. The starting point is a 3D drawing that can be the result of 3D modeling or reverse engineering, in our case 3D scanning.

The main Additive Manufacturing technologies are Stereolithography (SLA / DLP / LCD) with liquid resin, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) with powder, Filament Fusion Manufacturing (FFF). Every technology has its peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. It is important to identify the most suitable technology for our purpose.

You don't know how and where to make your components, do you need to be advised on the material and technology that are right for you?

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SLA/DLP/LCD resin 3D Printing



Powder Laser Sintering 3D Printing



Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing


At Lumi Industries, we invent and produce resin 3D printing (stereolithography) machines, but we are also equipped with filament devices (FFF) for prototypes production. We also have a number of external partners who support us with SLS additive manufacturing tools or special finishing works.

Thanks to this network of additive manufacturing experts we are able to provide a wide range of highly professional 3D printing services, with competitive prices and fast delivery.

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You do not have a 3D file, but want to riproduce an existing object? We can create a 3D scan of your object for you and turn it into a tridimensional file suitable for 3D printing.


 Available materials:

  • Stereolithography with resin having different hardness,

  • Filament 3D Printing with PLA, ABS, PETG, particular filaments,

  • SLS in Nylon PA12 (though) , TPU (flexible) and metals.

Available Finish:

  • Lost wax metal casting ( in metallo (brass, bronze, silver, copper, gold etc.),

  • Metal Plating,

  • Metallization in gold, chrome, copper glossy or satin finish.


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For Additive manufacturing projects we accept STL files.