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Open Innovation

Our strenght is competence.

Our Nature is inventiveness and reliability.


You have an idea? We make it real!

To be always a step forward, R&D within the company's boundaries is not enough. There is a need to co-operate introducing new tools and technology skills to make ideas grow faster and more effectively.

This is Open Innovation!

Thanks to the Team expertise and experience, Lumi Industries has been responding to this market needs, offering complete turnkey services for Open Innovation Projects, supporting our costumers on their way from an idea to a final product. We will be your "extended workbench" to realize and test new ideas besides your daily business and outside your company boundaries.

Thanks to the incredibly successful international crowdfunding experience, which makes us, may be the only Italian company completing 4 product campaigns out of 4 on international and nationals crowdfunding platforms, Lumi Industries is also the best advisor for your fundraising and marketing strategy.

Lumi Industries services

  • Product Design and renderings creation

  • Project design from the initial idea to the prototype including:

    • Costumer Idea and product specifications analysis, brainstorming, modifications or new ideas proposition if needed,

    • Concept design through sketches, models, renderings,

    • Product and product experience design ,

    • Technologies research,

    • Technical development: hardware, electronic and software engineering,

    • Working prototype creation and B.O.M. (Bill Of Materials) definition,

    • Upon request: final product engineering and industrialization

  • Advanced marketing and product impact on public, including specific consultancies on international crowdfunding, with a focus on the main platforms we were successful on: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Eppela.


Among our Open Innovation costumers and partners


Projects developed by Lumi Industries


Confidential R&D Projects and consultancies

As you can understand, most of projects we developed and we are working on, or crowdfunding consultancies we are providing to big companies, are covered by confidentiality constraints and cannot be disclosed.


Wine Talking label

Product design, technologies research, hardware and electronic board development, early stage stage and final prototype creation for the“Wine Talking label” based on our costumer’s patent pending idea. A small device containing a miniaturized speaker to be fitted on wine bottles. Pressing the activation button, the label will tell you all what you need to know to appreciate the wine you are about to taste!


Braille Clock

Product and product experience design, technologies research, hardware development and prototype creation for a system of input and output Braille pins, based on our Molbed project. The system, ordered by a specialized company, has to be integrated in a Braille clock-alarm device connected with a pillow, inside which a vibrating system is installed. The product is conceived to allow people with both visual and auditory disabilities to check and set both clock and alarm autonomously.


Bluetooth Beacons

Product design, hardware and electronic board development for the creation of a final prototype of a Bluetooth beacon new device, according to client’s specifications.


Lighting System proposal for H-Farm Seeds Village

While our headquarters were in H-Farm, among 3D printing and hardware projects, we were requested to make a proposal to renovate and enhance lighting system quality inside startup lodges composing the Seed Village. The project took into consideration problems faced by lodges inhabitants and included proposal for anti-glare solutions, non direct lighting enhancement, new lamps, possibility of IOT and dynamic light control.


Lighting product design

Product concept proposals and renderings for lighting devices with the use of LG Display OLED Light according to client’s requirements, after the nomination at LG OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition


To know more about our Open Innovation services and on how we can help you to turn a simple idea into a real product, just contact us!

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