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Simone Rasetti in 3D


We asked Simone Rasetti, an expert in 3D modeling and printing, who has been following us since we were only Makers, to talk a bit about his experience and how he became a guru of 3D creation in Italy.

Hi Simone, we want to know all about you!


I introduce myself, I'm Simone Rasetti. I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in L'Aquila, graduating first in sculpture and then in Visual and Performing Arts.
I approached the three-dimensional world in 2001 with 3DSmax and it was immediately love at first sight.
I started working for small animated 3D productions and local televisions. In addition, there were no shortage of requests for furniture and general craft catalogs.


Who are your clients?

My typical client is involved in historical and artistic heritage preservation or in art in general. I receive a lot of requests for miniatures or ArtToys creation.

How did you get to become a Z-Brush professional?

At that time, I did a lot of research to be able to model in a natural and artistic way with my PC. The solution came with a magazine that contained a CD with a Zbrush demo, from that day I did not leave this software anymore, It keeps me entertained even in complicated projects!


And how did you go from simple modeling to 3D printing? Because in addition to models, even your prints both with resin and filament, are always extraordinary!

Only one piece was missing ...... "making my ideas solid". So, I approached 3D printing. At that time there were no affordable machines, the only way to make a prototype
it was to call on companies working in the field of industrial prototyping. After several collaborations with these prototyping companies, I started to evaluate the idea of purchasing a 3D printer myself. During my research, surfing on internet, I found the first timid low cost proposal from the market, needless to say, that I threw myself headlong on these projects.

And so you came across Lumipocket, becoming one of our first backers!

I got a LumiPocket to increase the printing quality of my sculptures. The detail that reaches this printer in the smallest and most complicated parts allows me to create sculptures
increasingly complex.


In fact, your creations with Lumipocket are truly incredible.

One of the secrets is to pay close attention to two essential steps of the print process: initialization and final care.


Soon Simone Rasetti will share with us his precious advices on 3D printing and post processing!

Stay tuned!

marin davide