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Lumi Tank: the new giant 3D printer by Lumi Industries

Lumi Industries is proud to announce its new project, the LumiTank, a patent pending solution for an ultra-wide SLA 3D printer.

Following the latest trend of bigger and bigger resin-based solutions for rapid manufacturing, we at Lumi Industries, developed the most disruptive and innovative solution.

A giant 3D printer for very big 3D printed parts.

Tank size is an awesome 16x16 meters, 10 meters high.

To reduce resin cost for such a big vat size, we implemented a "replacement fluid" solution.
The point of a replacement fluid is to fill your vat with it and have a "thin" layer of resin floating on top (approx. 50cm), so you don't need to fill your whole vat with resin, saving a lot of money. Salt water has been used, so it fills most of the tank, and only the top layer is actually photosensible resin.

The really innovative part is the laser scanning system, featuring two or more independent UV laser emitters, mounted on ultrasound-mind controlled sharks, swimming in the aforementioned salt water.


An external controlling unit is sending the radio-signals to control the sharks. Current prototype suggests that up to 3 separate sharks may be controlled on three different radio bandwidths.

The building tray is crane operated, and measures 12x8 meters; maximum building height is estimated about 8 meters, allowing the creation of very big parts.

We are currently performing early tests and preliminary UL certifications analysis; we should be able to accept pre-orders by late Q3 of this year.

Be part of the 3D revolution!

marin davide