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Lumi Industries at CES 2018, Las Vegas


We have Just come back from the incredible experience of CES 2018, Consumer Electronic Show, the largest fair in the world dedicated to consumer electronics and technology, in Las Vegas.

CES has been for more than 50 years now, the world's gathering place for all those which are in the business of consumer technologies. It is the right ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts the world's business leaders and pioneering thinkers.

Lumi Industries has been carefully selected to be one of the 44 Italian startups representing Italy in the first Italian mission to this worldwide window to latest technology.


We were really proud to be hosted inside the Italian pavilion, The Art of Tech, promoted by Tilt (Teorema Incubation Lab Trieste) , under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the support of associations and companies like l’Apsti (The Italian Scientific and Technological Parks Network), UniCredit StartLab, Italia Startup, e-Novia and Industrio.

Our trip to Las Vegas has been adventurous, but it has been a great opportunity for all of us to show to the world the excellence of Italian innovation.

What did Lumi Industries showcased in CES 2018?


Lumi Industries was present with two projects born from the inventive mind of its founders: one related to 3D printing, our core business, and one related to the three-dimensional view of 3D models.


Talking about our main expertise, The New Lumifold is a patent pending solution, which follows our main mission, to make 3dpriting benefits available to a wider range of user, and the style of our early printers like Lumifold and Lumipocket. This solution allows to create a 3dpriting device which is smaller than the building volume, to make 3Dprinters more compact and totally portable.

At Ces we have showcased the most futuristic version: a resin based 3D printer operated by a tablet replacing the SLA or DLP system for resin curing, to become totally usable by anyone.

The New Lumifold, is a work in progress project which can be installed on a typical SLA/DLP projection system. Moreover, it can be mounted on a FFF system, to create a a super space-saving solution in a place where you cannot travel with a bulky luggage like the International Space Station (ISS) for example? Too ambitious may be...but why not!?


The second project is really getting a lot of “Woah” as in the CES spirit.

It was first exhibited at Formnext Frankfurth and received at Maker Faire Roma the “maker of Merit 2017” Blue Ribbon, directly from the hands of Caleb Kraft, senior editor of Make Magazin.


We are talking about VVD, Volumetric Vibrating Device, which survived an intercontinental air trip and proudly got its space in the Italian Pavilion at Eureka Park, CES.

VVD is a patent pending holographic display which allows to show a model in its three-dimensionality!

This is VVD an incredible device which can be used for multiple purposes.

It is a great educational tool. Nowadays it is so difficult to catch young people attention. Imagine teaching your students a mathematical formula or the chemical structure of an element, showing it, not as a flat image on a school book, but as a real hologram, will definitely boost their interest in your lesson.


Same apply for museums or exhibitions where you can show as a hologram a piece which is not present in your collection but it is related to it. The frontal screen will allow you to add information, video and additional images on the model, making the visit more interesting and interactive.


What if you are a doctor wanting to discuss that bad fracture with colleagues or with the patient. A simple X-ray plate may not give you the full view. With VVD you can look at it from different prospective.

Other similar devices are there in the market, but either they are simple optical illusions either they are bulky and expensive solutions.

We like to make things easy and affordable, for this reason we created VVD and we will soon make  it available through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which will allow all of you to get a great tool at a very low price and will help a further development of this disruptive solution.


So stay tuned!


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