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TEK 1960 solvent

TEK 1960 solvent


Post-processing non hazardous solvent for 3D printing resins.

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TEK 1960 solvent for stereolithography 3D printing

Solvent cleaning product for post-processing of 3D printers resins.

Stronger than TEK1969 cleaning liquid, less aggressive than IPA.

Methods of Use:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Magnetic or manual agitator (preferred method)

  • Manual immersion in a container (glass or polyethylene) and shake until uncured resin has dissolved.

How to use it in manual or magnetic agitator:

  • Put the liquid in the agitator container

  • Operate the agitator about 1 minute before cleaning

  • Insert the printed parts for at least 5 minutes into the agitator

  • Remove the parts from the agitator and wash with cleaned water

  • Blow the object with compressed air.

  • Proceed with UV curing of the printed objects

TEK 1960 has evaporation rate similar to water.

1 litre pack