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Ta-Tack Away

Ta-Tack Away


No more sticking 3D prints after cleaning with Ta-Tack Away by Molecule

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Molecule Professional additive manufacturing products.

Ta-Tack Away

Remove tack or stickiness from 3D printed parts. 


Sometimes even after multiple cleaning and post curing, especially in flexible resins, you can still feel a certain stickiness.

Ta-Tack Away is a semi-permanent solution to remove stickiness from your 3D part after UV curing.

How to use it

Do not soak, but quickly dip your part in the solution and let it dry for 2-5 minutes. You can now handle it without the sticky feeling.

If necessary you can apply it as many times you need.


Generally, the tack or stickiness that you feel on the part is due to the part having a low glass transition temperature (Tg),near or below ambient conditions. This means that Tack Away should be used primarily for soft/flexible resins.

If you are feeling tack or stickiness on a rigid part, the part is probably not fully post cured. Tack Away is not a replacement or substitute for post curing.



Version                                  1
Color  Crystal Clear
Package  750 gr


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