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Professional resin 3d printer

Lumi³ (LumiCUBE) is coming…


Get ready for Lumi industries masterpiece! Born from our long expertise and our experience with professionals of the jewellery and dental field, Lumi³ (LumiCUBE) is providing all what you are asking to a resin desktop 3D printer for your work:

LumiCube 3D Printer Special Features

Technical Specifications

Technology UV LCD
Building area 120.96*68.04*100 mm
Resolution XY axis 47.3*47.3 µm (2K)
Layer Thickness Z axis                       20/30/50/100 µm
Average Build Speed 30mm/hour
Input Format STL
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB
Dimensions 30*30*50 cm
AC Input 24V 21A
Printer Control 7" Color Touchscreen
  • Repeatability, speed and excellent 3D printing quality thanks to precise high performance linear motion system on Z-axis.

  • High precision thanks to parallel UV lighting system.

  • EFV (EasyFepVat) proprietary system for easy use and maintenance of resin vat.

  • FTR (FastTrayRemoval) proprietary system for incredibly fast and simple removal of 3D parts and supports from 3D printing tray.

  • User-friendly interface and large Touchscreen control panel.

  • Wi-Fi connection.

  • Notifications and Alert system.

  • Open Material System allowing the use of major resins in the market curing at 405nm.

  • Attention to details and attractive Italian design in Lumi Industries’ style.

  • Proper price.

While waiting for Lumi³ to be disclosed, take a look to some of the beta-testing 3d prints