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Vitrolite® Glass-ceramic 3D printing resin

Vitrolite® Glass-ceramic 3D printing resin


Glass-Ceramic Resin for SLA /LCD/DLP 3D Printing

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Vitrolite® Glass-Ceramic 3D Printing Resin

Photo-curable glass ceramic resin for SLA, LCD or DLP 3D printing.  Low kiln fire for high strength, high density, low porosity.  Glassy white fired surface.

Vitrolite is a photocurable polymer resin by Tethon3D for use in SLA, LCD or DLP printers. Vitrolite is a glass ceramic with high strength, low porosity/high density and thermal shock tolerance. It does not conduct heat or electricity and is chemical resistant. Vitrolite kiln fires at a relatively low temperature and results in a white glassy surface appearance.  Shrinkage is approximately 17% in equivalent X, Y and Z axes (dependent upon the part geometry).

 Package    2 lbs (907 gr.)
 Color    matt white
 Maximum kiln temperature                1060°C
 Surface after kiln    white glassy
 After kiln shrinkage    17% approx. on all axes
 Availability    to order, delivery within 15 working days, or about 3 weeks, after order confirmation.