Lumi Industries



The first DIY Open Source resin 3D printer

Discover LumiBee: we designed it, you make it yourselves!


The new Maker Project by Lumi Industries.

The first incredibly low cost DIY Open Source visible light resin 3D printer for mobiles.


why Lumibee?


At Lumi Industries, we are Maker inside, so beside our daily activities, we like to play with technology and try to give our contribution, to the Maker Community too.

This project follows our philosophy: make 3D photosensitive resin printing affordable and available to a larger public which might really include makers, hobbyists, students or just curious people!

LumiBee 3D printer is totally low-cost, open source and DIY.

what is Lumibee?

The LumiBEE is a unique compact 3D Printer that uses photosensitive liquid resin. It has been designed so that 95% of its parts can be printed with a desktop Filament 3D Printer. The LumiBee is also particular since it uses the screen of a mobile phone, inserted inside, to transform Daylight liquid resin into a three-dimensional object.

Daylight resin for 3D printing allows most cellphones to be used as a light source to polymerize the resin. This allows us to give a second life to slightly outdated cellphones.


Design and challenges

We designed a very compact 3D printer to make the production process as lean as possible. One of the challenges was to optimize the design so that the production of the parts of the Lumibee (that are 3D printed) takes as less time as possible. Normally medium and big sized 3d printed parts take hours to be fabricated, so we went through many different iterations to minimize the manufacturing time.

The LumiBee, in fact can be bought as a kit or built by anyone with access to another home 3D printer. Many schools, maker spaces and laboratory offer the use of a 3d printer for free or for a low fee, so this is also an option for the user who wants to just by the digital files. Size approx. 120 x 120 x140 mm.

Why the name LumiBee??

Its structure is modular, where segments, each with a specific function, can be modified and customized. We decided to print each segment in a different color to highlight this features. We had yellow and black in house, and once we assembled it, it decided its name by itself!


When will it be available?

LumiBee design has been nominated as finalist at Purmundus Design Challenge 2019, which is being held from 19 to 22 November 2019 in Frankfurt in hall 12.1-E09 of the Formnext trade fair.

After the contest we will make all technical details available to anyone, and the real challenge will begin. We hope that many people will want to get involved, create their LumiBee, work together to improve it at the benefit of the whole Maker community.