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Fun To Do Resins are back!

Fun To Do Resins are back!

...some of them with a new incredible recipe...

A Next Generation of 3D printing resins

Because of the world wide shortage of some ingredients, Fun To Do has not been able to supply distributors and resellers all over the world with the full range of products earlier this year. This is why they have developed alternative formulas, using ingredients that they can source easily. This way they can circumvent shortages that might appear in future times.


They have called this new line of alternative resins NEXT GENERATION!

With these new formulations they have tried to copy the properties of their famous existing products like: Snow white, Castable, Standard and Industrial Blend.

This new formulas are great, however properties, although similar, are not always the same.  Some of the NxtGen products are stronger, some of the products are faster on one machine, and the same, or perhaps a bit slower at a certain layer thickness, on another machine.

For example NextGen Industrial Blend is excitingly strong, unbelievable detailed, and has cure times and viscosity similar to IB classic.





The perfect shade of Grey

The photogenic 3D printing blend with incredible details!

This is how they call at Fun To Do, the newest member of their NEXT GENERATION product line!

The Fun To Do Ash Grey is a NXTGEN resin with a fabulous shade of grey colour and a remarkable resolution.

With Fun To Do Ash Grey faster printing, better quality and stronger parts are guaranteed!







Snow white new formula and promotion

In creating the NxtGen Snow White, Fun To Do technicians noticed that it has a yellow undertone when first printed, because of the photobleaching properties of some of its ingredients. However, after being fully cured, the print becomes the white we are all used to. The resolution of NxtGen Snow White is phenomenal, and resolutions of 0.05mm are easily achievable (on the proper printer).

To reward clients patience, Fun To Do has launched a SPECIAL PROMOTION: with each bottle of NXTGEN Snow White, you will get one free FEP sheet of 19x13cm (fits most popular printers)!

So in periods of raw material shortages, you might receive NXT GEN formulas instead of the classic one.





New colours for Dentifix resins

Not only Dentifix 3D printing resins for dental models are back on the shelf for both SLA (Low Reactivity) and DLP/LCD (High Reactivity) Printers, but they also have a new colour.

Beside the classical opaque beige/sand colour which makes details clear and facilitates laboratory work by eliminating annoying reflexes, Dentifix is now available in Grey colour too. Try it now!

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