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The very best funny comments of Maker Faire Rome 2018

Maker Faire Rome: a regular event for Lumi Industries

Davide Marin with Lumifold project at first Maker Faire Rome 2018

Davide Marin with Lumifold project at first Maker Faire Rome 2018

Maker Faire Rome for us, is an important event. The idea of Lumi Industries was born at the first Maker Faire Rome in 2013, when Davide, our CEO, exhibited the first portable and foldable resin-based 3D printer.

So we are particularly loyal to this yearly appointment, where we can show continuously our new ideas. It is also a great occasion to meet old times fiends and makers and to find new ones.

Sometimes fate works against you, trying to stop your travel, because of a tyre cut for example, but we will never give up to the chance to be part of this family.

Thanks to our angels Raffaele and Mario, who allowed us to be operative again in zero time!!

Thanks to our angels Raffaele and Mario, who allowed us to be operative again in zero time!!

After overcoming all difficulties, you can’t imagine the trilling of careful stand preparation, and the happiness in seeing people approaching and stopping looking at what you are showing, getting interested, asking questions, sometimes giving you tips on how to improve your devices.

Getting ready for the morning crowd

Getting ready for the morning crowd

After being for so long closed in our laboratory developing our ideas into electronic devices, we kind of resuscitate to real life at these fairs which finally allow us to get in touch with people, to get their feedback and opinion on inventions we are presenting, to understand the real value of what we are doing.

Some people look amazed as if they have seen something the could ever have imagined to be real, some others knows exactly what you want to do and explain to you your own idea, some others are just trying to guess, and sometimes it is really difficult to hold back laughter.

We would like to share with you a fine selection of best comments, questions and suggestions that our projects inspired in Maker Faire Rome 2018 visitors.


The very best people comments at Maker Faire Rome 2018!

Getting the second “Maker of Merit” award two years in a row!

Getting the second “Maker of Merit” award two years in a row!

2018 was our 6th year exhibiting at Maker Faire and it was an important event, because we officially presented the evolution of that idea which was Lumifold. This year we launched The New Lumifold, the ultra-compact 3D printer which uses a tablet screen to cure special day light resins. A brilliant project which was able to get a new “Maker of Merit” ribbon from Caleb Kraft, senior editor of Make:Magazine and we are so proud of.

It leaves you a bit dumfounded when a visitor asks you “Wow, is this a steak grill?” or “Since you print on liquid, can we print on water?”

Why not on wine, we say, but no, not possible “yet”!

While you start having doubts on future generations when, during the school day, a kid asks you “Can I print illegal drugs with this 3D printer?”


We have also brought again the VVD Volumetric Visualization Device , winner of last year “Maker of Merit”. VVD creates kind of holograms which you can see from any point of view, thanks to the mechanical movement of a special film on which a 3D model is projected. It is always an interesting 3D experience, but it also the best nonsense generator like:

“Can I use it to slap my friend in the face?”

“Does it make massages?”

“Can you use it to attract ladies? I am sure it is a great device to win a girl!”

“Is it a device to cure epilepsy?”

“Does this device have Parkinson?”

Some people are very apprehensive without even knowing what it is, they may tell you: “This device is broken! Can’t you hear the noise? For sure it is broken!”


 Some other times they really want to contribute to your invention and to your efforts with a super tip to increase people interest in you project: “Guys if you want to grab more interest on your idea, stop visualizing jaw scans or archaeological finds, you have to show porn 3D movies on VVD!”

It crazy when you tell them, if you turn around the device you can see a 3D model from any point of view, but they turn on themselves like a dancer instead and they tell you “I doesn’t work, I didn’t see anything!”

Sometimes technology instead can really make miracles, like when an old man on a wheel chair, who was not able to see clearly, just raised up to look at VVD! We felt a bit like Jesus with Lazarus: “Watch the VVD and raise!” We faithfully waited for the next person on wheelchair to repeat the miracle, but next time didn’t work…But we will continue try to help people with disabilities in a more traditional way, like our Molbed Braille project! :)

But the winner is the man, who watching a foot skeleton 3D model on VVD, puts his own foot inside a recess of the supporting cardboard column, he moves it a bit, and shout: “This is cool! This device is scanning my foot!”

We love Maker Faire Rome!

Manuela Pipino