Lumi Industries


3D Printing for manufacturers of miniatures and board games.

It all starts with a designer using digital sculpture software such as Z-Brush, which allow the artist, exactly as in the actual sculpture, to start off from a full piece and digitally dig it, like if it was a piece of clay or plasticine but in a virtual environment. Once the digital model has been created, 3D printing allows it to come to life through resin polymerization, which provide an high detail even on very small pieces. It is possible to make silicone rubber molds of the printed model to create small productions of figurines. Then the fun starts: it's time to paint the models! For those eager to start 3D Printing their own miniatures, we recommend the Lumipocket LT Multifunction Printer: designed for beginners who want to approach the world of resin printing without making costly investments.
Here are some 3D prints made with Lumipocket Pro and LumiForge printers. Some of the models courtesy of Crosslances Studio.