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Jewellery and 3D printing

3D Printing for the Jewellery sector.

 Goldsmith's work is made easier thanks to resin-based 3D printing

The creativity of the designer and his/her inspiration remain the starting point for the creation of a wonderful jewel. Today, however, the process has become easier with Additive Manufacture or 3D Printing. Previously, the jeweller dedicated himself to carefully sculpt a wax block. Today the modelling is done in a virtual environment. Using specific CAD software like Rhinoceros, the artisan draws directly a three-dimensional model.

The model is then created with a 3D printer using special resins, suitable for casting. 3D printers for the goldsmiths' art industry must have a good print quality to ensure excellent detail.  Once the resin model is obtained, the melting is done directly with the "lost-wax casting" system. The model is covered with a plaster cast and than is placed in a high temperature oven. When the resin is completely burned, liquid metal is poured inside the plaster cast. It is necessary to wait for the plaster to cool down in order to break it and get it out of the metal jewel ready for the polishing and the possible stone setting.

3D printing thus becomes a means to accelerate the jewellery craftsmanship processes.