Lumi Industries

Dental 3D Printing

Fast and affordable 3D Printing solutions for the dental market.

With resin-based 3D printers, the creation of models, braces, dimes, arches and dental prostheses are by far far more efficient than traditional methods. With the use of resin-based 3D printer dedicated to the dental sector, benefits are many. 3D printers have appeared some twenty years ago, but only a few years ago, this technology came into the medical field, and especially in the dentistry.

What advantages can a 3D resin printer bring to the production of dental products? Models and even teeth printed with a 3D printer allow the technician to perform a more efficient and fast job. This results in considerably saving of time and money for both dentists and dental technicians as well as for patients. These are not economical benefits only. In fact, in using a resin-based 3D printer to create dental prostheses, we definitely will save time, but we will have far better and precise results than any conventional system as well.