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DIY Flexible keyboard using Lumireact FLX resin

How to create a flexible keyboard in a fast, easy and cheap way using 3D printing!

20th june 2019: We are pleased to announce that “DIY Flexible Keyboard” has been elected Best project in the “Flexible PCB Concept Contest” by Hackaday sponsored by Digi-Key. Thanks to all who supported our project!

If the question is, what can I 3D print with a Flexible resin like Lumireact FLX, Davide Marin, Maker and Lumi Industries founder, is giving a really interesting answer: a flexible keyboard, perfect for wearable devices.

And he started working on it, beta testing our soon-to-be-launched professional 3D printer Lumi³ (LumiCube).


Find here an abstract from the full project presentation on Hackaday

“During the design of my new LCD 3D printer and resin development (LumiCube), one of the most interesting materials I have been experimenting with is this highly flexible resin, that 3D prints quite fast and keeps a very high detail.
I immediately started to think about many interesting projects based on this materials, including soft actuators, and a DIY flexible keyboard project, where instead of using silicone, this SLA highly flexible resin is used.
The benefit of this solution is that silicone parts are expensive and time consuming, while this method can lead to a nice build in very short amount of time. “

The project participate to the Hackaday Prize 2019: A worldwide hardware design contest focused on product development.

Go to the project on Hackaday, leave a “Like” and help us win!