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3D printing for rapid prototipying

Create and test your parts, improve them, repeat!

3D Printing is Rapid Prototyping synonymous, and in the field of mechanics, it finds one of its favourite uses but is not the only one.

When developing a new project, whether it is a footwear, a pair of sunglasses, a car, or any other product, the industry needs to produce prototypes for the various components to test, modify, and improve and make a realistic evaluation of functionality of the product itself in all its parts. Once these first pieces have been successfully tested, the final prototype will be created to start production in series. The prototype is therefore a first, unique piece often created in an handcraft way, because it is not possible to apply mass production techniques to it. Its realization takes time and money.

3D printing revolutionizes the terms of this process by introducing rapid prototyping. Thanks to a 3D printer it is possible to print 3D models independently during the development phases in a fast and economical way, without the need for external services. If we are talking about precision mechanics or smaller components that require a high degree of detail, the choice of resin-based 3D printing is mandatory.