Our mission at Lumi Industries is to make the benefits of high quality 3D Printing available to everyone, with affordable, innovative 3D Solutions for both consumers and professionals.

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LumiReact resins: the perfect material for excellent printing quality!
Available in Castable, Hard & Strong and now Hard & Detailed versions

Lumi Industries is partner of 3Dexport!

LumiForge the new Professional DLP

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Are you a designer passionate about 3D modeling and looking for a serious platform to sell your creations ? Are you a simple user looking for an original 3D model accurate in every detail ? On 3Dexport there is everything you are looking for and much more!

You can find beautifully detailed models perfect to be 3D printed on LumiForge!

Lumi Industries introduces you to LumiForge, the new DLP 3D printer especially tailored upon the needs of our professional users.

Available now on pre-order with indicative shipping scheduled by Mid-May.


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We developed an utility to convert any text into a braille printable 3D model. Free software download (windows only) here.