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3D printing in jewellery industry

Gallery from our users really satisfied my expectations and I am learning a lot in the 3D field, it is a great help to my jewellery creation process and to my working future too.
— Valeria de Vito, jeweler

Dental 3D printing

Gallery from our customers

3D Printing for manufacturers of miniatures and board games

Gallery from our customers

I use the Lumipocket with LumiReact resins for my personal projects and I find this an appropriate technology to my clients’ demands in term of quality and price
— Simone Rasetti, designer

3D printing for art and cultural heritage development

Gallery from MAKARS SUMMER SCHOOL 2017

This is one of those moments when technology changes what a museum can be.
— Chris Michaels, British Museum, Head of Digital & Publishing

3D Printing for rapid prototyping

gallery from our customers



 LumiPocket LT, designed for Makers.  Learn more

LumiPocket LT, designed for Makers. Learn more