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HARZLabs Model 3D Printing Resin

HARZLabs Model 3D Printing Resin

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3D printing resin designed for tough models.

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3D Printing resin HARZLabs Model for tough 3D models.

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Designed for any kind of printing models that have high requirements in mechanical properties. Durable, non-shrinking and odourless.

The fully cured Harzlabs Model polymer is very hard and elastic at the same time. This allows you to 3D print functional parts that can withstand mechanical stress.

Cured models are resistant to decay and can withstand high temperatures (up to 100°C), which makes it possible to use models to create silicone molds by both cold and hot vulcanization. Harzlabs Model 3D Printing Resin works with two-component silicones on both platinum and tin catalysts.


Upon request, Harzlabs Model 3D printing resin is AVAILABLE FOR SLA 3D PRINTERS like Form1/2 e Peopoly, in the following colors: Transparent, White and Black.

Just send an email request to:


Find here more information about 3D printing settings.

3D printing resin HARZLabs Model characteristics

 Package                 1kg/0.5kg
 Applications    any kind of 3D model
 Color    Black, Grey, White, Transparent, Natural Transparent (Unpigmented). Traslucent Red or Blue.
 Viscosity (Brookfield)       at 25°C      0.8-1 Pa.s
 Hardness (Shore D)    87-92
 Tensile strenght    45 N/mm2
 Elongation at break    4-6%
 Shrinkage    <0.5%


  • SAFE

    Resin does not contain solvents, volatile monomers or irritating compounds. No fumes, odor and allergic reaction.


    3D Models have long term stability under 100 C that make possible to cast it in cold and hot silicone molds


    Resin is very stable, you can leave it for a long time in the vat, no sedimentation and no gel formation occur no need to mix. We suggest anyway to stir it a little bit before use.


    Shrinkage less than 0,5 % gives you the same size like 3D model on your computer.


    Model Resins have 87-92 Shore D hardness, but they are elastic at the same time. These unique properties are very useful in 3D printing durable non-brittle 3D models. You can use master-model for castig in rubber several times.


    Wide color choice gives an advantage to the customer. Clear and White Model resins are specially for DIY tinting so you can easily get your own color shade.

Finishing Instructions

  1. Agitate in ultrasonic bath with TEK1969 Detergent or in a vat with TEK1960* solvent for 1-2 minutes to remove excess resin.

  2. Do not soak in acetone. Do not leave the 3D part soaking in the liquid. Use a soft brush if necessary.

  3. Clean off any excess of liquid with a cold blowdryer or compressed air.

  4. Leave under the sun or in a UV lamp to cure. The resin is fully cured when fingernails do not leave scratch marks on the object.

  5. Even after full post cure some parts may still have a sticky surface. You can treat your print with Ta-Tack Away. A quick wash in this special formula will add a stick-free coating on the printed part.

*We do not recommend the use of denatured or isopropyl alcohol (IPA). It is very aggressive on the polymerized resin and it could weaken the structure of the 3D part. It is also flammable and potentially harmful to people and the environment.

Store the resin in a dry, cool, shaded place out of direct sunlight.