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PLA POWER Filament

PLA POWER Filament


High quality 3D printing filament: Easy to print like normal PLA, strong like ABS.

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PLA POWER 3D printing filament for FFF 3D printers

Easy to print like normal PLA, strong like ABS.

PLA power is an hybrid material 80-100% natural Polylactic Acid + 0-20% thermoplastic polymers

It has mechanical resistance comparable to ABS with the ease of printing characteristic of PLA:

  • Excellent layer adhesion

  • Low shrinkage

  • Absence of deformation on the manufactured articles when printed at ideal temperatures;

  • Does not release odors proper to ABS.

  • More resistant than common PLA and does not break if subject to bending,

  • More resistant to high temperatures than common PLA

  • Good adhesion to the printing plate.


 Material                      90%natural Polylactic Acid + 10% thermoplastic polymers
 Diameter                      1,75 mm
 Color transparency                                       opaque
 Quantity                      1 kg net
 Coil diameter                      200*50mm
 Internal coil tube size                      90mm
 Packaging                       Vacuum-sealed with silica gel and cardboard box.

Tech specs

 Roundness tolerance   ± 5%
 Raw material quality  90% original resin 
 Original resin density  1.28g/cm3 (21.5°C)
 Resistance  4.5 kJ/m2 
 Extrusion temperature   200° - 210°C
 Recommended printing temperature *           200°C
 Plate temperature   50° - 60°C
 Recommended printing speed   40-100 mm/s 
 Printing plate material  Glass, metal, fiberglass, capton tape, blue tape etc.
 Extruder  with PTFE with or without bowden or steel.