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Ce-Eco Clean

Ce-Eco Clean


Make the post-processing operations safer and more environmentally friendly with Eco Clean by Molecule.

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Professional Ce-Eco Clean

Post-processing operations safer and more environmentally friendly, cheaper and reduced disposal procedures, with the new Ce- Eco Clean for professional use.


Normally, 3D print post processing includes removing resin residues cleaning the part in Denaturized or Isopropyl Alcohol, which is highly inflammable, can be toxic to humans and a risk for the environment in conjunction with 3D printing resin use.

Ce- Eco Clean, specifically designed for professional cleaning residual photopolymer, is a much safer way to clean your 3D parts.


  • water based cleaner,

  • non-toxic,

  • low skin irritation,

  • non-flammable and no restrictions for transportation

  • environmentally safe.

  • use of bio based raw materials.

  • more lasting 3D printed parts

How Ce-Eco Clean is environmentally safer and can help you reduce disposal costs?

When using IPA o normal alcohol uncured resin dissolves in the liquid, making it extremely difficult to reuse it and dispose of it without environmental hazard.

Resin will not dissolve in Ce-Eco Clean, so it can be re-used for longer time and can be easily separated from uncured resin.

How cleaning your 3D printed parts with Ce- Eco Clean can make them last longer?

Resin based 3D printing process is completed only when 3D printed part has been cleaned and post cured under UV light. So before cleaning part of the material is a liquid trapped within a solid matrix. IPA or Alchool are very aggressive, can extract uncured material and significantly weaken the final part. Ce-Eco Clean is water based, less aggressive on part internal uncured resin keeping parts stronger and lasting longer.

How to Use it

  1. Remove parts from 3D printer bed and clean them immediately

  2. Agitate the 3D printed part in a vat full of Ce-Eco Clean for 5-10 minutes to remove uncured material. 1-3 minutes are sufficient in case you use ultrasonic cleaners.

  3. Clean off any excess with a cold blowdryer or compressed air before leaving the parts to final curing. You also can clean your tray and twizzers with it.

  4. Filter the cleaning bath between uses to remove resin residues.

You can use Ce-Eco Clean in heated washers or at ambient condition.

Do not exceed 5 minutes immersion when cleaning aluminum and aluminum alloy materials.


Filter the liquid with a 50 micron screen or filter bag to remove contaminants and dispose of as ordinary waste.


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