LumiForge is the perfect evolution of Lumipocket. Based on the same top to bottom projection system, LumiForge has now an enclosed design which protects the working area from external light which might interfere during printing and contain resin odour. In the same time it guarantees a good ventilation to ensure the projector lifetime.

What was still a manual process in Lumipocket has become fully automatic in LumiForge like Projector and resin carriage movement, printing area and curing time setting.

LumiForge ensures a great resolution reaching up to 37 micron on all three axis on a printing area of 10cm diameter by 10 cm height with the possibility to extend it to 15cm*10 cm with the accessory XL-Kit.

Printing speed varies according to chosen resolution and material, but it is approximately 18mm/hour at 75μm.

The Software Lumi Creator has also been updated with new features that makes the printing set up even simpler and easier than before.

LumiForge is already available in pre-order with shipping indicatively starting around middle of June.


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LumiForge outlook and capabilities:


Technology Stereolithography (DLP)
Printer Dimensions 320 x 320 x 600 cm
Build Volume 10 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height, expandable to 10 x 15 cm with accessory XL-KIT
Layer Curing Time 700 - 8000 ms
Resolution X, Y axis 37µm for a printed area of 70x45mm, 100µm for a printed area of 150x100mm
Maximum Resolution Z 37 µm


Download Link to download.
Input File Binary STL (Standard Tassellation Language)
  • STL Slicer (hollow or full objects)
  • Printing session management
  • Multilanguage support (english and italian)
Supported OS Windows, Mac Os X, Linux
Hardware Requirements LumiPocket 3D Printer
System Requirements
  • Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 and up
  • OpenGL 3.2
  • 1GB RAM
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Includes Bigger printing tray to reach up to 10 x 15 cm of printing area and a bigger resin vat.
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