Lumi Industries talks with Cavanis Institute’s students

Lumi Industries talks with Cavanis Institute’s students

On 20th April we have been invited by Istituto Cavanis in Possagno to present our work and our 3D printers.

While our last model Lumiforge was at work creating a 3Dmodel we started our presentation discussing
about what is 3D printing, what can we use it for, what differnet technologies are there and finally what do Lumi Industries does in the field of 3D printing.

Students were eager to know our experience as a start-up.
They wanted to know how did we started, what was like our training at H-Farm incubator, what are our future projects.

Boys and Girls were also interested in crowdfunding and how to make a successful campaign and reach the target as we did on Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms.

We hope we have given them some inspirations and ideas!

Thanks a lot to students and Institute for inviting us!