LumiPocket LT is the first multi-purpose, autonomous SCARA SLA 3D Printer.

It is an affordable, standalone, compact machine that can take your Maker projects to a new level!


Your first light-curing, resin-based 3d Printer

Light-curing, Resin-based 3d Printing is fast and provides much more quality than FDM 3D printers, specially with 3d models with small details.

LumiPocket LT is a UV laser based 3D printer, with a resolution of up to 50 microns on the Z and 100 microns on XY axis. Run our cross-platform Software, slice your 3D model (binary or ascii .Stl file), and save the printing job to an SD card: insert it into the LumiPocket LT, it will do all the rest!

The maximum printing size is 10 cm diameter by 10 cm high; on LumiPocket LT we suggest our LumiReact and FunToDo resins, however it is also compatible with MakerJuice, 3D Materials, Spot-A and Bukytown Polymers UV pigmented resins.


A fast PCB etcher

Ever wanted to make a custom PCB? Of course you can make it “the old way”, by printing the mask with a laser printer, aligning the PCB board, than exposing to a UV lamp.. but why not just put a presensitized PCB board into LumiPocket LT’s special tray, import your PCB files, and watch it etch your PCB that is then ready to be developed? Quick and easy! Please note that at the moment the resolution of the current prototype is not enough for SMDs based PCBs, but works for standard (pass-through) PCBs.

A compact laser marker & engraver

LumiPocket LT can engrave many different materials using the integrated UV laser. This feature is very useful for example if you want to create business cards, QR codes, coasters, and much more. We tested many materials, including MDF, wood, expanded PVC, heavy cardboard and leather.

Both raster and vector mode are supported by our software. In raster mode, you can load any image (bmp,jpg,gif,png) and it will be converted into and 8 bit grayscale dataset that will be engraved on desired surface. In vector mode, you can load any .svg vector file and get more precise lines and text.